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Harz Fairy Tales

The Harz has long been associated with German legends, some made famous by Goethe in Faust, others unknown outside of Germany.

Ready to dip a toe into the world of wicked giants, fairy princesses and three wishes gone wrong? Sample a collection of fairy tales from the Harz Mountains.

The folk tales below were published in the collection Legends and Tales of the Harz Mountains, by Toofie Lauder in 1881.

Black and white drawing of knight on rearing horse

Legend of the Rosstrappe

The Princess Brunhilda escapes from a wicked giant. And how the Bode Valley gets its name.

Young girl leaning against tree in forest

The Castle Fairy of Osterode

A poor weaver with a starving family finds his luck has turned.

Etching of gnome hammering shoe in forest

The Fisherman of Treseburg

A poor fisherman gets his heart's desire. Or does he?

Rushing stream over rocks in in green forest

Princess Ilse

A princess learns the secrets of Faerie. How the River Ilse came to be.

Towns of the Harz...

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