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Nothing is forgotten slower than an insult and nothing faster than a good deed.

A man remains foolish until his 40th year, when he begins to recognize his foolishness; then life is soon over.

When the old dog barks, you'd better look outside.

I believe it is better to lose all of your possessions than to lose one good friend.

One should praise women, whether it be true or false.

Whoever sticks his nose in every corner will get it stuck.

The Devil is easy to invite as a guest, but hard to get rid of.

Who does not honor a penny shall not become master of any florins.

Looking over the fence ensures a good neighborhood.

He is a wise man who can learn from the misfortunes of others.

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If God has no sense of humor, I don't want to go to Heaven.

One should not dispute with quarrelers. They won't be bettered thereby, but become all the more furious. They are not seeking truth, but glory and triumph.

If I knew the world would perish tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree today.

Let the intellects fight amongst themselves, but keep the fists still.

Young men are plagued by prurience, which extinguishes as soon as they enter into matrimony.

Whoever wants to do good in the world must be able to tolerate the ingratitude.

If you want to run with the wolves, you have to howl like them.

When we get old, we start to argue, want to be clever and we are the biggest fools.

There is no lovelier thing that a woman's love, for those who are granted it.

A lie is like a snowball; the longer it goes on, the bigger it gets.

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If you cooked it up, you have to eat it.

Parents shouldn't give up doing what is best for their children even when their children are ungrateful.

Medicine causes illness, Mathematics melancholy, and Theology sinful people.

A happy fart never comes from a miserable ass.

Many hands make easy work.

Whoever enters into marriage, enters a cloister full of struggles.

There is nothing more powerful in the world than superstition.

High oaths advertise profound lies.

No sin is alone, but rather one always pulls the others after it.

More children, more luck.

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Whoever has two cows should give one away to keep the peace. It is better to have one cow in peace than two cows in war.

A pious spouse is just as necessary as a healthy hand or leg.

Wine is strong, the king stronger, women stronger still, but the truth is the strongest.

Reason is the biggest obstacle to belief.

Whoever brawls with filth, whether he wins or loses, leaves covered in shit.

A man must not be tempted to think that because he has taken a wife, that he should be freed from all duties, to walk around and act like a squire or that the wife should feed him like a squire.

The world is so full of spite and boasting that even the Devil couldn't compete with a rich farmer.

It is always better to let a knave live than to kill a pious man. For there will always be more knaves, but of the pious only a few.

The world is like a drunken peasant; if one helps him into the saddle on one side, he will fall off on the other side.

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A dispute is quick to begin, but not within our power to end it when we want.

The world praises what it should disgrace and disgraces what it should praise.

Whoever begins a war is wrong and it is right that he who first draws the knife is beaten or punished in the end.

One can recognize white better when one holds black against it.

In big ponds you find big fish; in small ponds good fish.

Masters want to have the advantage; you should not eat cherries with them because they will throw the pits at you.

What would filth be if it didn't stink?

The cat's play is the mouse's death.

To perform a good deed once or twice is easy. But to avoid becoming bitter from the ingratitude and wickedness of those for whom you have done good deeds, that is difficult.

Thoughts damage not the brain but the heart.

A bald-faced lie is not worth an answer.

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One should work as if one will live eternally and have the spirit of one who will die within the hour.

One should mourn over the dead, but in due moderation.

The whole life that we live is only a vain dream.

Whatever the heart is full of overflows from the mouth.

Whoever smells it first, out of him it crept.

Devil, if you want to eat me, start from behind.

No one ever died from work. But from being footloose and lazy, people lose life and limb. For man is born to work as birds are to fly.

Working in the country is better than praying in the desert.

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